Visual Excellence

At Focal, we’re committed to creating the world-class visuals that help better communicate ideas, and bring final designs to life. Below you will find a selection of our services that help our clients improve production workflow and better sell their final design.

3D Visualisation




On-Site Services


We are experienced image production specialists. Whether it’s learning technical software skills or understanding the theory and practices involved in image production we are here to help.

Additional Manpower

Sometimes it’s difficult to retain a team that’s big enough to meet production requirements all year round. If you have upcoming projects that require you to scale your team temporarily get in touch.


Would you like to improve your pipeline? Increase automation? We can help you with that…Our consultants are seasoned veterans with a lot of production experience.


Looking for Work?

Whether you’re a graduate or a seasoned veteran we would love to here from you.

Looking for Manpower?

Looking for talented artists to join your team? Tired of generic recruiters? We can use our experience to interview potential candidates and find the best match possible.

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